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28 June 2020 @ 03:13 pm
Hello Welcome!೭੧(❛▿❛✿)੭೨
Feel free to add me and if you want me to friend you back, leave some comments here༼✷ɷ✷༽
Friends only pict (c) divinedrabbles

i am selectively adding person. It's not that I hate you or something. I just feel uncomfortable if some random strangers who just said 'hi, add me back' read all my posts. Yah, make sure we have had a proper introduction before you asked me to add you back.

Edit: 23 September 2014
Actually it's semi- friends only now because from now on, I'll start blogging about my new activity, Postcrossing and Penpal-ing.
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23 July 2015 @ 04:49 pm
Hello, people! I started this blog back then in 2011 when I was a mere middle schooler. Last update was in September 2014 when I was in final year of high school. This is the only social media I kept for that long. I mean...4 years already, huh? I went through a lot and yes, I am constantly changing. In fact, we all do.

Throughout those four years, I constantly changing every single thing from this blog. The themes, my icon, the purpose of this blog, everything. One thing I never change is the fact that most of my entries are private. It will stay that way until God knows when. I am not comfortable with people knowing my personal life --especially netizens (thou I doubt there is actually someone who ever read my blog LOL). But still, better be safe than sorry, right?

Recently, I am accepted at a university studying Medical Study. I am very delighted and proud with myself. However, the quest could have never been conquered if I haven't received such a wonderful supports from various people. I am eternally grateful for having those people in my life. I tell you this, you can dream as high as you want. No, scratch that, you have to dream as high as you want. But dreaming alone is never enough, you have to work for it. Yes, it will make you cry, you will be suffering. But in the end, you get the star. Got it? There is no such thing as free food. Never.

Nope, won't tell you which uni I have been accepted at. Not telling you my  full name either. If you know, please keep it a secret. Bye. 
12 July 2014 @ 06:52 pm
Hi, what's up? The end of holiday is near and all I have done is watching TV series, reading, etc..

I've been re-reading Bleach again after more than two years and I feel great. I love Bleach, although I'm not keen on The Lost Substitute Shinigami Arc. I'm not really interested on that arc's plot, although I feel some characters are interesting such as Tsukishima.

My favorite characters are, no doubt, Byakuya and Ulquiorra. I've been liking them since the first time I read Bleach. They're both, appearance wise, my ideal man. Long black hair and cool aura HAHA. Ah, I'm not that shallow. Basically, I found both of them intriguing because of their loyalties. Ulquiorra to Aizen, and Byakuya to his vow upon his parents' grave. Now, I've taken a liking on Gin because I found he's just that great. Going that far only for Rangiku, such a great man. Starrk is interesting too, I admit. For the latest arc, based on appearance only, in my opinion, Haschwalth is the best and the zero division members are interesting as well, especially Senjoumaru.

My favorite arc is The Fake Karakura Town Arc. I am not sure why, but it shows me how everyone is wiling to set aside their personal grudge in order to defeat Aizen. The vizard, the Gotei 13, Urahara and Co., and Ichigo all assembled. Just woah. The Soul Society Arc comes down second because I just like how amazing Aizen was to be able to deceive the entire Gotei 13. He was an awesome man.

My favorite OSTs from Bleach are, without no doubt, Life is Like A Boat by Rie Fu and Sen No Yoru Wo Koete by Aqua Times. I just can relate to the lyrics well.

Why I like Bleach? I don't know. It's something I can't explain.

I have no idea what I should write next. Basically, I only create this post because someone requested me to unlock my LJ. Sorry, man, can't do that, but here you go. This post is solely dedicated to you. ;) Maybe I'll write about Once Upon A Time in Wonderland next. 
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